Procedural audio models in Unity with Chunity (ADC19):

Chunity is a plugin for using the ChucK programming language in the Unity game engine. This demo showcases several procedural audio models of sound effects made in ChucK and implemented in Unity via Chunity.
Demo for the Audio Developer Conference (ADC), London, 18-20 November 2019. Get the code here.

Noise Against Partials (procedural audio models in Unity):

Noise Against Partials was the title of my MSc in Sound Design final project. All the sounds are synthesized in real time by using Pure Data through Heavy and Wwise. The patches are finally spatialized using Google VR (Resonance Audio). There are two main techniques used to build the procedural models:
  • Subtractive synthesis (band-passed white noise) for the footsteps, water and wind.
  • Modal synthesis for the wooden bridge, bell and wine glass.

MIDI-controlled procedural audio fan in UE4:

Procedural audio (Pure Data + Heavy + Wwise) demo in UE4. Although I linked the RTCPs to MIDI they can be routed to almost anything (gamepad analog stick, Vive/Oculus controllers, etc.).

Procedural audio (modal) mug using the UE4 native audio engine:

The synth uses 10 sine waves and an 8kb impulse to generate infinite variations of the model. The patch is an adaptation of the modal synthesizer I built in PD for my Master’s final project but using the UE4 synths instead.